The SoulKeeper

What are your expectations about The Soulkeeper ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Atrucian, Nov 21, 2016.

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  1. Atrucian

    Atrucian New Member Beta Tester

    It seems to be a rather simple question but it'd be very interesting to hear from you what you're imagining concerning the game (VR & non-VR).

    As players, you know exactly what you want to see in video games. For now we've been able to see a very little glimpse of what will be The Soulkeeper and while it's still in an early development stage, it's the perfect time to broach the subject.

    It will have numerous advantages like giving you the opportunity to share your hopes, ideas, dreams and may also help the developpers to know if they answer to your expectations or even to explore more deeply some aspects of the game.

    It's simple, the more you share, the better it'll be for everyone !
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  2. Dick Hurtzer

    Dick Hurtzer New Member

    Assuming you mean from the players.

    An option to run faster, maybe double tap forward to run?

    A weapon upgrading system.

    Sweet sweet loot of course.

    Large towering evil bosses (That big black dragon wow, beautiful).

    Online multiplayer option would be GREAT even if it was only 2 people in a game. (Vr is best with others IMO)

    Maybe a leveling and skill system of some sort? (replayability)

    Open world would be nice but from the looks of the demo it seems level based witch is fine to.

    A rich story (I'm sure this one is already a priority)

    Good voice acting is a must. (What I have seen in alpha is good!) If you need some more I know a guy who is great, lots of voices accents ect, is also an artist and would probably work for next to nothing. Drop me a message if you would like me to get you guys in contact.

    Basically what every successful rpg has.
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2016
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  3. Dick Hurtzer

    Dick Hurtzer New Member

    If you do add some online play maybe even a 1v1 arena?
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