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Discussion in 'Questions' started by WickedBlue, Feb 18, 2017.

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  1. WickedBlue

    WickedBlue New Member

    Is there going to be swords and combat or just staffs and magic?
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  2. Andru Fratarcangeli

    Andru Fratarcangeli Administrator Staff Member Developer

    Hey Wicked, there is sword combat in that original alpha demo with the goal to add in a variety of melee weapons leading up to full launch.

    As a matter of fact, some of the characters you guys will get to play through the storylines with may not even be magic users or focus primarily on magic-less melee and ranged combat.

    Currently you play through with Isoporos, a Lavordian spellcaster armed with spells, magical stave and sword. We chose him from the first set of characters for episode 1 because he is the most versatile in that regard.

    Oh and we've even got an improved melee system from the original demo, much more challenging with some strategy required when engaging in melee. The newsletter coming out in the next few days should have some more details before we do a full on deep dive showing you guys the changes/improvements based on your alpha feedback.
  3. WickedBlue

    WickedBlue New Member

    And it was a awesome choice to use him.. i love the magic and the staff parts
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  4. Andru Fratarcangeli

    Andru Fratarcangeli Administrator Staff Member Developer

    Wait until you see the new melee system. Right now in the alpha demo you guys had the sword fighting was the easiest option, now it may require the most quick skill while retreating and spell casting will be the slower more strategic option.

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