The SoulKeeper

Closed Alpha Key Availability update.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HELM Systems, Nov 12, 2016.

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  1. Andru Fratarcangeli

    Andru Fratarcangeli Administrator Staff Member Developer

    Hey Batata, shoot me an email to with the email you used to sign up so I can see what's up with your key.
  2. Adix

    Adix New Member

    Hi, I also didn't receive my key yet :(
    Account registered with mail: adix(at)
    Andru, can you help?
  3. Andru Fratarcangeli

    Andru Fratarcangeli Administrator Staff Member Developer

    The deed is done o.<
  4. Gilmir

    Gilmir New Member

    I'm not sure if you still have any keys left to distribute, but if yes, I'd be delighted to give this a try.
    If it's not an automatic process - I signed up as gilmir(at)
    Thanks in advance for help and hopefully the opportunity to try this out.
  5. DARKieLAW

    DARKieLAW New Member

    Wish I could test this game :(. Hopefully it's released on Steam soon:)
  6. Tunie

    Tunie New Member

    Oh my god.
    I still get nothing.
  7. Alan Jay Weiner

    Alan Jay Weiner New Member

    Hi. I got a 2nd wave key. I had to switch to a different computer. When I tried to enter the key, it said it was already owned and then quit. Any chance of getting another (or un-activating my key so i can move it to the other computer?)
  8. WickedBlue

    WickedBlue New Member

    Glad to see things are progressing.. i cant wait to see how everything is going...

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